1. Confirm in writing within 7 days of the fault becoming apparent that a fault has been observed with the part/repair undertaken, and not another part of associated equipment or workmanship.
  2. Consult if unsure with Adelaide Whitegoods Specialists to verify a problem exists.
  3. If the Appliance requires a return visit, an accurate description of the fault is required. (See online warranty claim form) A warranty claim will not be attended until an accurate fault description is supplied. A description of not working is NOT acceptable. Charges, at the current repair rate, may be applied if the part or repair is found to be working correctly.
  4. Proof of Repair (if requested) must be supplied for warranty claims. Job number, date of repair, and repair value are the minimum information required.
  5. Turn the device off and advise any condition that may be unsafe or dangerous.
  6. The customer must make sure the warranty claim has been received and follow up to make a time to have the device looked at by a technician.

Submit a Warranty Claim

This Warranty claim form must be completed in order to have your claim accessed. Please read our Warranty Claim conditions before filling in this claim. Warranty Claim Policy