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Big news for 2016

Adelaide Whitegoods Specialists


Adelaide Appliance Repairs

Nothing like starting 2016 with a bang! But wait – there’s more! We now do GAS! Peter Dineen joins the team to offer gas repairs to Ovens, Cooktops, Stoves, Space Heaters, Hot Water Services and Spa Heaters!

We are really excited to have Peter join the team and expand our service to include gas repairs. Peter brings with him a wealth of experience. Combined we have over 50 years of experience in the appliance repair industry! We are rolling out the updates and changes to our websites as fast as we can and thank you for your patience while we get our systems fully functional.



Adelaide Appliance Repairs – Electric

Paul – 0439 752 520
– Qualified unrestricted electrician
– Electrical Contractors Licence PGE 232656
– Electrical Workers Registration PGE 174378

Repairs to: Ovens & Washing Machines


Plumber/Gas Fitter

Adelaide Appliance Repairs – Gas

Peter – 0418 823 545
– Qualified unrestricted electrician
– Gas Workers Licence PGE 177525
– Gas Workers Registration PGE 177

Repairs to: Ovens  – Space Heaters – Hot Water Services – Spa Heaters

What we repair – ovens



Looking for an expert to fix your electric oven? We have the parts ready, the expertise and a fixed price. Book today >>

Oven grill element

Grill element

Is your grill element at the top of the oven not working or it drooping down? We can help fix it. Book today >>

Oven door hinge

Door hinges

Are you having trouble opening or closing your oven door? We can fix it, and ensure your family is safe. Book today >>

Oven door hinge

Fan forced element

Oven not heating on fan forced? We can fix your fan forced element which surrounds the fan at the back of the oven. Book today >>

Oven thermostat


Having trouble with consistent temperatures? If your oven is too hot or not hot enough, we can fix it . Book today >>

Cooling Fan

Cooling fan

Notice the air not coming our the front of your oven or is noisy? Your cooling fan may need to be replaced. We can fix it. Book today >>

Oven bottom element

Bottom element

The bottom of your oven not getting hot? Your bottom element may be damaged . Let us fix it. Book today >>

Cooking Fan

Cooking Fan

Notice your oven fan is noisy or not spinning? Your cooking fan may be faulty and need replacing. Book today >>

Fixed Price Oven Repairs Banner

What we repair – washing machines

Washing machines

Looking for an expert to fix your washing machine? We have the parts ready, the expertise and a fixed price. Book today >>

Door handle

Is the door handle broken on your front loader? We can fix it with a replacement door handle. Book today >>

Drain pump

Water not draining from the drum of your machine at the end of a cycle? Let us replace your drain pump. Book today >>

Motor brushes

Having issues with your drum turning? Your motor brushes may have worn down. We can fix it. Book today >>

Door switch

Are you having issues with opening your door? If your door is locked we can fix it with a new door switch. Book today >>

Heater element

Have you noticed your water isn’t heating up? You may need to replace your heater element. We can fix it. Book today >>

Door seal

Have you noticed water leaking from your front loader? We can fix it, with a new door seal replacement. Book today >>

Inlet valve

Are you having issues with you washing machine not filling properly? We can help fix your inlet valve. Book today >>


Value for you

Book online for 10% discount

Book online for a guaranteed 10% discount on your oven or washing machine repair. Book today >>

Fixed price repairs – supply and install!

Common faults like fan forced element, hinges, cooking fan, grill element, drain pump, door seal, brushes and others are all less than $240 if you. Book today >>

No surprise costs

We are upfront about our costs, as we are prepared with parts to service your repair at the first visit.

Book today >>

Brands We Service

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Why use us

Fully licensed

We are qualified! We are fully licensed as both an electrical worker and electrical contractor.

Specialised equipment

We are specialised! Our equipment includes a hydraulics scissor lift table, custom stands and tooling.

Quality parts ready

We provide quality and value! All our parts are Original Equipment Manufactured.

Experienced & reliable

We are experienced! For over 25 years we’ve built a reputation for reliable, honest and efficient service.

Fixed first time

We are experienced and organised! Over 85% of repairs are completed on the first visit to your home.

Electrical fault experts

We are experts! We can identify, fix and repair any electrical faults with your appliances.

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